Working with Aaron you start by going through what your company needs are when it comes to website development. This may mean a 1 page website, 5 page website, 100 page website or even a full e-commerce platform. Making sure your website loads quickly, is modern, mobile optimized, and built with a good user experience are just 1 of the few things talked about and executed.

Websites built by Aaron Plener are focused primarily on WordPress platform due to the ease of explantation and ranking ability, seen by the many companies he has built for and currently manages.

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Management of your completed website is vital to make sure it stays up-to-date and running smoothly. This includes but is not limited to plugin updates, maintaining the content, adjusting as needed upon request, creating daily backups, basic SEO rank checks and much more. By working with Aaron & having your website managed this means your company can focus on growing the business.

What many companies fail to remember is that a website is just like a car. Overtime through traffic, improvements on web design as a whole and changes in rank factors, your website needs to be maintained to be optimal & keep up with the trends.

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Aaron provides hosting services for websites that are created in which lots of features are included which your company would pay much more for. Certain things such as a Free SSL Certificate (keeping user data safe), daily automatic backups of your website, maximum visitor limits, 99.99% uptime, having a WordPress dedicated server for speed and much more all for 1 yearly price.

Why is choosing the right host vital? The short answer is that a poor host with restrictions or one not built specifically for WordPress means your site can become slow & create a problem for the entire user experience.

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  • Abe - FastAuto
    Great service! Needed a website that was both english and french. website was done quickly and exactly how we wanted it. recommend
    Abe - FastAuto
  • Ester - Serkin Promotions
    What a great experience is was working with Aaron who was excellent getting our presence known. I would highly recommend their services!!
    Ester - Serkin Promotions
  • Ed - Global Lifestyle Solutions
    Having an IT and web development myself, I can truly appreciate the level of detail that Aaron and his company brought to my new web project. He understands the business case and and brings insight to the functionality.
    Ed - Global Lifestyle Solutions
  • Gus - Carman Automotive
    Aaron has shown me and my company the best experience. He sure took good care of managing my ads and he continues to. My business is being brought to the best. After they developed a website and started running AdWords I am getting lots of leads daily! recommend to everyone.
    Gus - Carman Automotive
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